Flatbed Towing

Flatbed Towing

Transporting a vehicle from one location to another can be a risky task. Road debris may leave nicks and scratches in the paint. Using another car to drag your automotive can also result in transmission or wheel damage.  You can use a tow truck to avoid most of these issues.

When you are dealing with issues of vehicle transportation and accidents, you can use a tow truck to get a solution to this problem. Tow trucks have a unique design to handle these tasks as they can accommodate the weight of the vehicle and render the job of transporting the cars easy.

There are several types of tow trucks, but they typically fall into two categories. In the first case, the professionals lift one end of the vehicle during the towing process. The second option sees the vehicle rest on the truck’s platform, and this is called flatbed towing.

Nowadays, most car owners prefer flatbed towing. The truck or trailer is equipped with a flatbed on its rear end for transporting cars from one place to another. The use of flatbed hauling comes with several benefits. These benefits will inform you that flatbed towing is the best way to transport your car from one location to another.


Avoids Further Damage to the Car

Towing a car can expose it to a lot of risks if part of the wheels are on the road. The case could be worse if the vehicle were involved in an accident. In traditional towing, all the wheels of the car you are transporting remain in contact with the road during transit. In flatbed towing, all the wheels of the vehicle are on top of the flat platform on the truck.

Also, when you are using a chain and hook to transport the vehicle, there is a high possibility of damaging the bumper of the car that you are towing when the truck speeds over a pothole or road bump. This approach will not be the case when you are dealing with flatbed tow trucks. Using flatbed towing will guarantee you there will be no damage to the transmission or tire wear, ignition systems, engine parts, etc. It is a safe way of moving your car from one location to another especially after an accident.


Increased Safety On the Road

Flatbed towing is the safest available option form transporting vehicles from one location to the other.  This method guarantees other road users safety when transporting the vehicle. The towing company firmly straps the vehicle in the flatbed of the tow truck and there will be no swaying on the truck. It significantly reduces the risk of passing cars and pedestrians.


In Some Cases, It May be the Only Option for Vehicle Transportation

Unlike the other towing techniques like dollies, flatbed towing does not require the wheels of the car to keep on turning during the process. You may not have any other option in some cases like when the axle of the vehicle has broken. The only method of transporting such cars is flatbed towing.


Saves Time

In case you use a dolly for towing, you should remove the drive shaft of the car to prevent the damage of the transmission system. Flatbed towing does not come with such hassles, and it is relatively easy to load vehicles on flatbed tow trucks. If the car you are towing is in a perfect condition, all you need to do is drive it on the flatbed and then strap in readiness for transportation. On the contrary, if the car is poorly damaged such that you cannot ride it to the flatbed, you can use a winch to lift it up.

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