Heavy Duty Towing

Heavy Duty Towing

Owning a tow truck firm can cost you a lot of money because of the number of trucks that you will need to buy. The other costs come with the license for running this business and the drivers that the company will have to employ. As a customer, you should look for a licensed heavy duty towing company that has highly experienced drivers. Such a service should be able to haul large vehicles like tractor trucks, fire trucks, tractor trailers, and box trucks among other large cars that winch and flatbed tricks cannot tow because they are smaller than the large vehicle they are pulling.

Nowadays, heavy duties trucks remain to be the backbone of thousands of towing services across the country.  A brand new heavy duty towing truck will cost you something from $70,000 to $85,000 to buy. The reason for the high cost the large size of the trucks and the amount of equipment that is required for this equipment to serve its purpose in the towing industry. Heavy duty towing trucks are manufactured with a crew of cab or a regular cab. The crew cab costs more because they use more material for the two to three additional seats in the second row. The implication of this is that the front section of these trucks is much bigger than regular cabs. Look for a company that has this type of heavy duty towing trucks if you want specialized service.

The demand for heavy-duty towing trucks is all over the United States roads every single day. The reason is that the prevalence of illegal parking, traffic stops, breakdowns, and accidents among other issues is high. Police departments all over the country may have one or two of these heavy duty towing trucks depending on the size of the town or city that they protect. The police officers will use these trucks to remove large vehicles that are parked illegally from the streets, tow large cars and fire trucks have broken down or involved in an accident. The police heavy duty towing trucks can also come in handy when there is no towing company around to clear the road.

Heavy duty towing trucks have a winch system at the back of the truck but the vehicle they tow will be held further of the ground as the winch is higher on the body in comparison to a smaller truck. The vehicle that is being towed will rest on two rubber mats at the bottom section of the winch boom of the tow truck. This means that the rear wheels will be left on the street for purposes of towing. Owning a heavy duty towing truck business requires a heavy initial investment even if it is a lucrative business. You will find several heavy duty towing truck companies near a trucking base or close to a major city. This will give the company higher opportunities of towing large vehicles.

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