Towing Illegally Parked

Towing Illegally Parked

Suppose you return to your parking lot and you find another car parked there or an empty space. There is a high possibility that your vehicle has been towed. Unless you parked your car in an illegal one knowingly, you might begin to think that someone stole your car. Therefore, you must understand the reasons that can make your vehicle to be towed legally.

One reason for towing legally is when you illegally park your car based on signage or laws. Some of the typical examples are parking in a construction zone, fore lane, or No Parking sign. You could also block a driveway or park your car in unauthorized parking on private property. The other case is the violation of the driver’s license like unlicensed drive or suspended license. Your registration could also have expired over the specified period.

Illegal parking may also entail unpaid tickets or parking violations. The other thing that can motivate towing illegally parked is when the alarm sounds for an extended period. If it is an abandoned vehicle, the driver can be notified to remove the car within a specified period before the police tow it. The last incidences could be criminal evidence or unsafe vehicles that cannot be driven.

Whether your car was stolen or towed, you should start by calling the police hotline. You will explain to them the model and make of your car, your driving license number, and in whose name it is registered. If the car was towed, the police will explain to you the reasons. The police will also tell you where your car is and what you are supposed to do to get it back. Some cities have websites that provide towing information while others have dedicated lines that you can call. However, it is prudent to begin by calling the local police.

If the towing illegally parked resulted from licensing issues or unpaid parking tickets, you will have to resolve the problems before your car is given back to you. Once the police explain to you what you need to do, make sure you comply within the shortest time possible. The state can proclaim your car as abandoned after a specified period and this can further complicate the process of claiming your vehicle.

One thing you have to remember is that the impound always have limited opening hours. Call or check their website to know the operation hours before you move ahead. The other thing that you need to confirm is the payment options that you have. Most towing firms accept cheques, cash, credit cards but we have some that only accept cash. The payment will always include the storage and towing fee.

If the car gets damages through the process of towing, you will be expected to file a claim with your insurance company. Such damages are normally covered by collision insurance and hence you have to add collision to your insurance car policy. You will have to pay the deductible towards the damage and then the insurance company will cover the rest.

If you have included towing coverage in your vehicle insurance policy, the protection will typically cover tows that you authorize. A good example is when you get stuck on the road and you need to tow your car to the nearest repair shop. Discuss with the insurance representatives abot the options that they have and determine the one that is best for you.

In case you need towing illegally parked vehicles, call Rosenberg Towing & Recovery at 832-909-1800. The company has all the required equipment to handle this task. We will make sure that we handle the car with a lot of care so that no damages occur along the way.

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